Series: Christians in India: A Persecuted Minority


Missionaries Who Sacrificed Their Lives

The missionaries did not abandon the people under their care; rather, they stayed on risking their lives because of Jesus Christ, the love of the mission, and the love of the people.

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Christian in India: A Persecuted Minority

India can already rely on a well-educated, English-speaking middle class, which has helped the country develop sectors such as pharmaceuticals and information technology. To consolidate its rise, it will need to sustain the growth of the manufacturing sector and become an export powerhouse. Will it be able to do so?

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“India’s Future is Extremely Bleak”

Christians and other minorities in the “world’s largest democracy” are at the mercy of an ideology that is “inspired by Nazism, fascism, and apartheid,” says Cedric Prakash, Jesuit priest, one of the country’s most uncomfortable activists.


How Fossil Fuel Elites Promote Global Warming

There is a very troubling realization that the Earth’s climate is in the control of very few moguls and politicians who control the fossil fuel industry. They were able to influence a change in the words of the final statement of the COP28.

Journey Moments

The Journey From the Head to the Heart

The journey from the head to the heart is only 8 inches long, yet many people do not quite make it in their lifetime. This journey happens when we take the road of humility and value kindness, respect, and love.

Our World

Creation Groans with Pain

Voices are growing louder daily that our planet is grappling with an environmental crisis. Our environmental concern should not limit itself merely to pressure and protest but should lead to a change of attitudes that leads to effective action.


Liturgy and Care for the Common Home

We must introduce the natural world into our liturgies. Many elements of the natural world could be introduced into the Preface of the Sunday Eucharist. Other liturgies could follow suit.

In Focus

Serving the Bedouin Communities

The Comboni Missionary Sisters are in Israel working with the Bedouin communities of Jahalin in the Judean Desert. Listening to their needs has led to ideas and the formation of education programs, which are put into practice through a network of volunteers and collaborators.

A Taste of Tradition

The Seven Iconic Letters

Saint Ignatius of Antioch was arrested and brought to Rome in chains to be thrown to the lions. During his journey as a prisoner, he wrote seven letters to the churches he passed through. They are a document of extraordinary beauty and relevance.

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Mission is Sharing Joy

At last year’s World Youth Day in August, Pope Francis asked young people to bring the joy of Jesus’ love to others because the joy for Jesus’ “crazy” and unconditional love urges me to bring it to others.

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