Series: Impact of Lockdowns on People


Fr. Rhoel Gallardo: A Martyr Of Our Time

In the midst of hard circumstances, Fr. Rhoel chose to care for others. He paid the highest price with his life. May he be counted amongst the martyrs and saints of our time.

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COVID-19 and the Psychological Life of Children

The psychological life of children is being affected with the prolonged lockdowns due to COVID-19 pandemic. Children are obliged to stay at home and take online classes, depriving them of physical interaction with their friends. Taking care of children’s psychological life is more than ever crucial.

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Living the Most Out of the Pandemic

The imposed lockdowns due to COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay at home and lead more sedentary lives, which negatively impact our physical and mental well-being. It is important to have a balanced and active lifestyle despite the restrictions to maintain our physical and psychological health.

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Impact of the Community Quarantine on Elderly Filipinos

One benefit of quarantine is that it keeps people safe at home. However, the long period of confinement can negatively impact the mental health of elderly individuals.


They Need Us, And We Need Them!

Numerous studies confirm that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes than U.S.-born citizens. The truth is that immigrants greatly contribute to the economy especially in the agricultural sector.

Unity in Diversity

Advocating Mental Health

Although mental health problems were already on the rise before the pandemic, experts noticed that lockdowns and isolations have slowed down existing mental health services. Individuals and organizations must collaborate to tackle the rise of mental health issues.


Religious Extremism and Church Response

Asia faces religious extremism and terrorism. These phenomena have social, political, ideological, and economic underpins. Churches are making concerted efforts to work together to bring reconciliation and coexistence amongst communities.

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Golden Jubilee of the Little Brethren of Mary

Founded on July 2, 1971 by Fr. Antonio Piacentini, MCCJ, the Little Brethren of Mary celebrate this year their golden jubilee anniversary. They share with us in this article the history of the movement, its identity, and some key moments of the golden jubilee’s celebration.


Becoming a Vatican II Church

The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) promoted a significant ecclesiological paradigm shift, entailing changes in theologies, values, and pastoral practices. The local Church in the Philippines actively received these changes.


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

In the Lord’s Prayer, we express our dependence on God. We recall also our duty of working for our sustenance as well as for the sustenance of others as we share with them what we have.

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