Series: In Memory of our Dead


New Chapter of Catholicism In China

As a result of the “provisional agreement” in which seven excommunicated bishops are readmitted, all the bishops of China will be in full communion with the Bishop of Rome.

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Death Gives Meaning to Life

Every year on November 1, millions of Filipino Catholics visit cemeteries across the country to honor their departed loved ones. All Souls Day reminds us of the inevitability of death and why we should lead meaningful lives.

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The Feast of the Dead

From October 31 to November 2, Mexican popular culture represents death with humor and affability. According to Aztec ancestral traditions mixed with Christianity, in these days the ancestors return from the other world to visit the living.

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A Life that Cannot Die

The great majority of people are afraid of dying because they have attached all kind of negative meanings to death: death is the end. Nevertheless, the Bible offers a positive perspective on death – it is the passage to the fullness of life.

Filipino Focus

‘Environmental’ Jesus

Atop a mountain inside the Philippine National Police (PNP) regional office in Camp Kangleon, Palo, Leyte, stands a 20-foot statue of the crucified Jesus. The work of art represents the PNP’s commitment to preserve the environment.


Food Production Threatened by Climate Change

Filipino farmers are most likely to be affected by the consequences of climate change as their crop production will decrease due to continuous rainfall, flooding and drought. As a result, more and more people will go to bed at night still hungry.


Gospel Imperatives

The backbone of Christian life is made up of the “gospel imperatives”, that is, the virtues of chastity, poverty and obedience. In this reflection, Fr. John explains how each person, regardless of his/her social and vocational status, can live his/her existence in line with these three qualities.

Special Moments

The Power of Prayer

It was the first gathering of such kind in the history of the world: a meeting of all religions to pray for peace in the city of Saint Francis. It was the most original and courageous initiative of Saint John Paul II, a milestone in the way of dialogue which has been defined: the true cultural revolution.

One By One

Attentive Like a Fossil Collector

Embarking on a college course chosen for you by your elders which is not to your liking? Or you are in a situation wherein you find your life meaningless, the following article will show you how to find the “fossil” in life that will make it purposeful, and God’s will for you.

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