Series: Politics at the Service of People


Climate Crisis, A Pastoral Priority

While government is slow in its immediate response, citizens who live in the coastal areas threatened by flooding can act daily by refraining from throwing garbage into the water and saving tap water.

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For A Better Kind Of Politics

In his last encyclical, Pope Francis calls for a politics characterized by fraternity and social friendship. He stresses the need for a global judicial, political and economic order that can increase and give direction to international co-operation for the development of all peoples in solidarity.

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Politics Of Openness And Love

Since politics impact all dimensions of life, then faith and politics cannot be imagined as divorced from each other. The faithful are invited to strive for an integration of the life of faith with that of political action.

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St. Thomas More: A Man of Singular Virtue

The man who is the patron saint of statesmen and politicians died because he refused to compromise his principles to satisfy the wishes of a powerful and wilful monarch.


Conservatives And Liberals Unite For Life

Conservative and liberal Catholics are divided on issues of life and death. Both need desperately to forge a unity and develop holistic strategies aimed at protecting the dignity of every single human being from conception to natural death.

Unity in Diversity

Addressing Migrants’ Needs

Countries hosting migrants need to exercise compassion towards the foreigners they receive. It is important for the Government, the private sector and the Church to help migrants to blend into their new culture and environment.


A Man For Others

For over 40 years, Dr. Steven Muncy has dedicated his life to serve displaced and persecuted people. As one of the recipients of the 2021 Ramon Magsaysay Award, he is being recognized for his unshakable belief in the goodness of man that inspires in others the desire to serve.

In Focus

All Souls’ Day

The Filipinos are the most thoughtful when it comes to celebrating All Souls’ Day. In the Philippines, we honor our loved ones who have moved on to the afterlife to let them know that we will never forget them.


Celebrating Double Papal Visits

In his two pastoral visits to the Philippines, Pope John Paul II reminded the faithful of their special missionary vocation in the context of Asia. The Pope shared his desire: “that Filipinos will become the foremost missionaries of the Church in Asia.”

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