Series: Santo Niño A Filipino Devotion

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Santo Niño Devotion: the origin

The image of Santo Niño is a symbol of Filipino devotion. This devotion is rooted in pious traditions and the history of Catholicism in the Philippines.

WM Special

Kaplag and Its Historical Significance

The providential discovery (kaplag) of the sacred image of the Santo Niño in 1565 started off the systematic evangelization of the Philippines. The missionary endeavors of the pioneering congregations contributed to the Philippine identity as a predominantly Christian nation.


Addressing an Ecological Urgency

Releasing his apostolic exhortation Laudate Deum (LD) on October 4, last year, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Pope enunciates a prophetic call to seriously address the contemporary environmental and ecological crises humanity is experiencing.

Filipino Focus

Why the Rosary in Jeepneys?

Jeepney drivers often hang rosaries and display images of Jesus and Mary on their dashboards to ward off evil and bring them good health. This practice shows how they profess and treasure their faith.

Our World

Be Like a Lighthouse

While living in a world of irresponsible economy whereby the system concentrates wealth in the hands of a few, Pope Francis asks us to be like a lighthouse in a stormy sea and get involved in the common good.

Works of Mercy

God, the Source of Mercy

In this new series on the Works of Mercy, Fr. John Taneburgo intends to open up the minds and hearts of our readers to the merciful God. Mercy is God’s best qualification and His great gift to us and to the whole of humankind.

A Taste of Tradition

Necessary Points of Reference

The Fathers of the Church are writers who are the witnesses of the Tradition. They represent the continuity of the apostolic way founded on the writings of the New Testament.

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Universal Fraternity Can Change the World

At last year’s World Youth Day, more than a million young people shared among themselves social friendship. Pope Francis calls this universal fraternity, proving a new fraternal order and world social experience possible.

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The Sign of the Cross at Birth

I am Sr. Kurniawaty Marsaoly, originally from Indonesia, and belong to the Our Lady of Sorrows Sisters Servants of Mary. I am a perpetually professed member of my community.


Church Shows Growth

The Catholic Church has recorded steady growth in Africa, Asia, and the Americas with an increase in the number of baptized Catholics and clergy, according to Vatican’s annual statistics.

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