Series: Slaves of Today


Peace for Mindanao

The many problems of Mindanao must be solved by addressing the root causes of underdevelopment and structural injustices.

WM Special

We are all complicit

Trafficking in persons has become a billion-dollar industry that is projected to overtake arms sales as the most lucrative illegal business in the world. Trafficking in persons takes place because there is a demand for cheap goods and services. That is why we are all complicit.

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A crime against children

Human trafficking is a horrific crime against millions of people, especially against women and children, and it is increasing in the Philippines. Public perceptions that do not consider trading of persons a serious crime and the connivance of public authorities allow this social plague to thrive.

WM Special

Religious combating human trafficking

Women religious in different parts of the world are bringing the issue of human trafficking to the attention of lawmakers and government officials. National networks of Sisters and lay people welcome survivors of trafficking, helping them to be reintegrated in society.


The crucified people of North Korea

A priest was able to travel to North Korea recently, taking considerable risks. He could verify the truth of various reports and hear numerous witness stories from North Korean refugees. All forms of religions have been banned and Christians are singled out for the worst persecution.

Filipino Focus

Making the Word of God viral

An Argentine priest promotes the Gospel through Facebook, early morning, as a spiritual food for the day. Influenced by the love for the poor of Fr. Bergoglio who, years later, became Pope Francis, the missionary runs a community-based rehabilitation program for drug addicts in an urban parish in Manila.

In Focus

Unity amidst diversity

The Asian Youth Day (AYD), a major event of Asia’s Catholic Church, is taking center stage in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Some 3,000 young people from 29 Asian countries are expected to gather in the Javanese city , July 30 – August 9,2017, for the youth meeting on the theme, “Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel in Multicultural Asia !”

WM Reports

Bringing faith to the campus

Having young students working on a common goal towards spirituality is the main purpose of the Catholic Society of the University of Macau. So says President Eunice Vong on the reason she revived the group after several years of inactivity. Eucharistic celebrations, spiritual retreats and hiking in Coloane Island are some activities on the wish list.

Extraordinary People

God’s dwelling place

Endowed with a strong, energetic temperament, the young French woman Elizabeth Catez (1880-1906), was called by God to gather the spiritual legacy of her contemporary, the great Therese of Lisieux. She also entered the Carmelites and became the mystic of God, the Trinity, indwelling in our soul.

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Encounters along the way

Each day is a new beginning… we return to a path in search of fulfillment and personal happiness. For the Christian, life is a journey following Jesus. He writes the script and the decisive encounters happen, unforeseen, along the way.

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