Series: The Laity in Mission


No Health Without Mental Health

Governments working hand in hand with private institutions, NGOs and Churches will be able to respond more effectively to mental health problems in the midst of this pandemic.

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A Force for Good in Society

Pope Francis says that the greatest challenge for Christians is to plant Christian values in the social, political and economic sectors in view of transforming society. The author gives out suggestions for engagement so that the followers of Jesus may act as responsible citizens.

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Women in Filipino Society and Church

The prominent role of women was ushered in by the rise of the laity in the Church brought about by Vatican II. In the Philippines, lay people took the lead in social transformation, opening up new roles for women in the Church and society.

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Missionaries Travelling Light

The Comboni Lay Missionary follows Christ going out of his/her comfort zone, travels light and accompanies people and communities. His or her gaze is fixed on the poor of whom St. Daniel Comboni talked about.


Life after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic affected the regular daily living of citizens, curtailing the social and economic dimensions of human beings. With the uncertainty as to whether this state of affairs will be the new norm, some strive to appreciate the positive side of it.


“Make COVID-19 Vaccine a Global Common Good”

Muhammad Yunus, economist, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and the creator of modern micro-credit, envisages a project for a new world changed by the coronavirus. He advocates that the vaccine against COVID-19 must be declared a “global common good”.

In Focus

The Nuba Mountains Doctor

Tom Catena is an American doctor. He practices his profession in a particularly difficult area of Sudan–more precisely in the Nuba Mountains. Out of nowhere, he has opened a hospital and everyday he is at the service of the population most in difficulty.

Living Communion

Love for Jesus Crucified and Forsaken

On the Cross Jesus felt that He had been abandoned by His Father. However, He commended His Spirit in the hands of the Father who in turn raised Him and gave Him the glory. Jesus invites us then to follow His example by taking up our crosses and uniting ourselves to Him.


You Shall Not Steal

In life we deal with what belongs to us and what belongs to others, and we often hear that some people take away things that do not belong to them. Hence, the Seventh Commandment reminds us of the importance of respecting each other’s property rights.

Winds of the Spirit

For the Love of Mary

“The Knights of the Immaculate” is possibly the earliest, the largest and the most articulate Catholic movement in the world. Most remarkably, its founder is the Holocaust martyr, Saint Maximilian Kolbe.

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