Series: The Pursuit of Happiness


The “Tiananmen Moment” of Myanmar

She walked towards them, knelt, and, appealed: “Don’t shoot, don’t kill innocent blood. If you want, kill me.” About 100 protesters managed to escape because of the nun’s intervention.

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The Joy of Radical Commitment

It was not by accident that Jesus began His mission teaching: “Happy are the poor”, those who mourn, are merciful, work for peace, and suffer for a good cause. There is joy, satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment when one is radically committed on behalf of society.

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The Path of Love

It is on the path of love–which is a broad way, never obvious or trivial–that happiness can be found. In love, we meet all those who choose, even if they belong to different faiths and cultures, to love others before themselves. It is the only way to full and lasting happiness.

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God’s Happiness

Most Churches have stressed God’s continuous anger at our sins. Some Christian thinkers did not gladly support the idea of joy in one’s life. However, the Bible gives much importance to joy in people’s lives; God is shown as being happy and pursuing delight.


Tribal Children Taken Away From School

A group of tribal children from North Davao district was welcomed by San Carlos University in Cebu to pursue their education. One day, police raided the children while they were holding classes claiming that they were victims of “kidnapping and indoctrination.”

Unity in Diversity

Protecting Children and Women from Abuse

There has been a dramatic increase in child and women abuse during the pandemic. There must be a joint effort in society to protect their rights, stopping all forms of abuse, and providing them with support and healing.


Stubborn Witness of the Gospel

Just over a century after he died as a martyr, Blessed Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916), who brought the Gospel to Islamic lands and lived among the Tuareg people in the Algerian desert, will be proclaimed a saint later this year.

In Focus

Flores de Mayo

May, the Marian month, is when long festive celebrations for Mama Mary take place. In the Philippines, this month is known as the fiesta month, which has become the “Queen of Philippine Festivals.”


Crisis, Struggle, and Recovery

The transfer of sovereignty from Spain to the US in 1898 left the Filipino Church in chaos with a short supply of clergy and a drastic reduction of friars. The situation was reversed with the arrival of missionaries from Europe, Australia, and America.


Our Father in Heaven

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught his disciples to address God as Father who is in Heaven. In this prayer, we acknowledge God’s fatherhood which is above everything and yet is present in the heart of those who long for Him.

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