Series: The Three Comings of Christ


What Christmas this Year?

Presents, shopping, decorations, trees, Santa Claus are all beautiful but let us be careful not to reduce Christmas to these signs alone. Let us not fall into the “temptation to commercialize Christmas.”

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The Three Comings of Christ

Advent is the season when we prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Christ comes in three ways. Christ did come in the past, Christ does come right now, and Christ will come in the future. Our Lord comes in history, mystery, and majesty.

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His Coming in Mystery

In the previous article, we reflected on two of the three comings of Christ–He came in history and He will come in majesty. Now let’s reflect on the coming of Christ in mystery. It is Christ who comes to us daily. Jesus is reborn in our lives every single day in a myriad of ways.

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A Journey through the Nativity

The author, a Filipino missionary serving in Spain, draws spiritual insights from admiring the charming miniature Nativity scenes in churches. The amiable Belen images trigger sentiments of solidarity and prayer that Jesus’ birth may heal our broken humanity.


‘Christianity is the world’s most persecuted religion’

Brutal forms of persecution are happening to Christians in many countries throughout much of the world. According to international reports, the great majority of all religiously motivated violence and oppression is suffered by Christians.


Why Many Christians are Demonizing Refugees

As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour to a family that had nowhere to stay, and had to flee an oppressive regime abroad, it is a good time to wonder why many of those who proudly call themselves Christians are demonizing refugees today.

In Focus

Be a Good Samaritan

Have you ever needed a helping hand? Have you extended needed help without being asked? There are times in our lives when we are unexpectedly shown random acts of kindness. Be one of them. Be a Good Samaritan.


The Happiness of Finding Freedom

It is wonderful to see the happiness and freedom enjoyed by the many children that have recovered from the trauma of domestic sexual abuse. Freedom from fear and abuse is the result of the therapeutic healing program at the Preda Foundation home for abused children.

Fratelli Tutti

Foundations of a Fraternal Society

Dialogue, mass media, consensus, new culture, and peace are foundations upon which a fraternal society must be built on. The lack of any of these fundamentals undermines the possibility of a truly tolerant and brotherly humanity.

In Ignatius' Steps

Personal Love for Christ

The heart of the Spiritual Exercises is the love for the Blessed Humanity of Christ. Jesus is the Great King who calls us to His service for the salvation of sinners. Everything happens between two key prayers.

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