10 Years with Pope Francis

June 2023

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A Prayer for Sudan

With the streets taken over by soldiers fighting each other viciously, there is little the civilians can do other than pray. And prayer is just what the Holy Father is asking for Sudan.

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The Francis’ Effect on the Asian Continent

Believing that “the future of the Church is in Asia,” Pope Francis made several pastoral visits to the continent, appointed Asian prelates to the Roman Curia and nunciatures, and commended the Overseas Filipino Workers for “smuggling” the faith to the whole world.

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A Global Leader of the Environment

As the first pope to select as his namesake the patron saint of ecology, Francis of Assisi, he has emphasized concern for creation as a priority of the Catholic Church, and made ecology a central theme of his papacy.

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A Pope for a New Epoch

We are at a turning point in history. Francis believes the Church must both remain faithful to the Gospel and embrace radical reform if it is to fulfill its mission of evangelizing the world.


Childhood Aggression Rooted in Malnutrition and Peer Groups

Children, who suffer malnourishment, neglect, and violence will inevitably show signs of elevated aggression and anger later in their teens and youth. At the Preda Home for Boys, teenagers undergo Emotional Release Therapy to help release their anger and pain and thus recover.

Journey Moments

Learn from the Climb!

It is not easy to climb a mountain, but the climb itself is its own reward. Don’t give up. Go slowly, step-by-step, one day at a time. Learn from the climb.


Saving an Endangered Language in India

Hrusso Aka, an indigenous language in northern India, was on the verge of extinction. A Jesuit, whose mother tongue was Konkani, a language along the western coast of India, came to help the Hrusso Aka natives save their dying language.

In Focus

Treasuring Our Common Home

Published in May 2015, Laudato Sí is addressed to “every living person on this planet.” It focuses on care for the natural environment and all people, as well as broader questions of the relationship between God, humans, and the Earth.


Becoming Digital Missionaries

Throughout history, Christians have been always spreading the Good News as widely as possible through print, radio, and TV. With the increase in internet accessibility, they are now invited to become digital missionaries, bringing the Gospel to a wider audience online.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus

Human Experience of Abandonment

The cry of Jesus “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” was a cry of abandonment that led Him into a profound trust in the everlasting presence of the Father. Let us imitate Jesus when we feel abandoned.

Inside The Holy Book

Reading the Bible: “I Devoured the Book”

The official, public reading of the Bible is during the Liturgy, the worship of God’s people, the Church. However, its private reading happens in countless forms and fashions.

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WYD Changes the Lives of Young People

The World Youth Days are, for many young people, an occasion for a deep encounter with Jesus Christ and to change their lives.

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“God Was Asking My Yes”

I am Benjosef Carlos Raposa, the youngest of five siblings born to Juan Carlos+ and Ma. Patria. I grew up in Naga City in Bicol (Philippines) to a family whose nightly activity is to pray the rosary. At the age of seven, I followed my older brothers in becoming an altar server. In high school, I got involved in the catechetical ministry, doing volunteer works in far-flung barangays and in the jail.

Mission is Fun

The Decisive Clue

After greeting the confrères, Fr. Guido and Fr. Alois boarded the car, left the mission of Lira in Uganda, and headed towards Karamoja. Suddenly, four Karimojong warriors armed with rifles sprang up from who-knows-where and ordered them to stop. They forced the missionaries to get out of the car and hand over their belongings. “Now you can go,” ordered the one who looked like their boss. Fr. Guido tried to start the car’s engine but, perhaps sharing the traveler’s fright, it refused to start.

Strategies for Evangelization

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