Author: Fr. Antonio Carlos


Preparing for the 2024 Synod

The Synod on synodality, which took place in October last year, marked a significant development in the participation of laypeople, particularly women, who were invited to attend and granted voting rights. In fact, 54 women, including Estela Padilla, a theologian from the Philippines, were able to vote in the Synod. This inclusivity allowed for a diverse range of perspectives from women, young people, and other lay individuals, enabling them to actively participate in the decision-making process.


The Pastoral Blessings

The declaration Fiducia Supplicans does not change the Church’s doctrine but marks a shift of pastoral outlook by responding to the spiritual needs of many couples who do not live in a sacred marriage.


Missionaries Who Sacrificed Their Lives

The missionaries did not abandon the people under their care; rather, they stayed on risking their lives because of Jesus Christ, the love of the mission, and the love of the people.

Bible Quiz


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Violence Begets Violence

As of this writing, the war of Israel against Hamas in the Gaza territory is raging and having a devastating impact on the population. Israel is at war against the militant group Hamas for its attack on the country killing 1,400 people and taking more than 200 hostages.


We Must Act Without Delay

Pope Francis appeals to governments and decision makers to take vital political decisions so as to avert the imminent environmental tragedy.


The Church in Synodal Style

The Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod of Bishops is the result of a process that has already been considered the most extensive consultation ever made in the Church.

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