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Christians Are The “Most Persecuted”

Their report coincided with a conference at the European Parliament on the “Persecution of Christians” organized by COMECE and Polish and Italian MEPs. The MEPs said that religious freedom must be incorporated into the European External Policies of the EU, by adding to Agreements with Third Countries a binding clause on the respect of freedom of religion, the COMECE report adds. Speakers included Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk (Iraq), Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio (Sudan), and Professor TM Joseph, principal at Newman College in India, whose right hand was cut off in a brutal attack after he set an exam question that allegedly defamed Islam. The bishops said in their report: “It is important to recall that at least 75% of all religious persecution in the world is directed against Christians. The number of the Christian faithful discriminated against, oppressed or persecuted in this regard amounts to approximately 100 million people. ”They added that tackling this persecution would help stem the “demographic hemorrhage” of religious minorities fleeing to the West. 

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