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Christian Radio As An Interreligious Bridge

He visited Rome and told Vatican Radio workers: “We need the voice of Christians in the Holy Land. […] We need to give a voice to the Holy Land Christians.” And added: “There are many radio and television stations in the region, but we do not have any one of them.”  Father Raed Sahlieh hopes that the Christian radio station in the Holy Land, which will be launched in collaboration with Vatican Radio, will be up and running by Christmas Eve.  “It will be a Christian voice, but it certainly will be a different kind of voice: a voice for peace and hope, dialogue and reconciliation,” the priest affirmed. He continued: “We will be open to everyone and to all the churches in the Holy Land. We will give space and time for news and celebrations of various churches and we will be open also to other religions: Judaism, Islam.”  Fr. Sahlieh says: “We will try to be a bridge, because a Christian who is not a bridge, is not a real Christian.”  

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