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Campaign To Fight Violence Against Women

Man Up is an international organization that mobilizes young leaders to stop violence against women and girls. Using the universal influences of music and sport, it provides innovative training, resources and support to young men and women, as well as organizations that collaborate with them. The group invites everyone to take part in this global summit in South Africa. Delegates to the summit will learn to plan and implement such initiatives in their respective countries of origin in addition to receiving resources and guides from major non-governmental organizations, athletes, musicians and artists over the five years of the campaign. This same group of delegates will meet again in Brazil at the World Cup 2014, to share their experiences and demonstrate how young people can make the world a safer place for women. According to statistics, one in three women around the world has suffered violence at least once in a lifetime. Man Up was officially announced in September 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. 

Bishops Declare “World Cup Sunday”

The bishops suggest that priests, in the homily of the Mass on June 13, stress the need to cure the ills of South Africa and throughout Africa, especially in light of the indications of the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops. The bishops also asked for prayers that the spirit of sportsmanship prevails and that all believers give their contribution to prevent and combat crime, vandalism, hooliganism, and the exploitation of persons.  

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