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Open Your Eyes to Human Suffering

Sensitivity to pain is a gift that we need to cultivate, and alertness to others’ needs is an enviable ability that brings blessings to both the benefactor and the beneficiary.

Rise of Corruption in the World

Corruption has dramatically increased in our world today. No one would claim to be totally innocent because corruption is not only about the wrong use of money; it is also about the wrong use of…

Mounting Inequality Makes Us Rethink

Profit-making ethics controls every dimension of human life. The concepts of duty, reliability, and transparency are described in contract terms. Thus, workers are reduced to slavery unable to own a…

Africa Awaits Pope Francis in 2023

The Pope has always spoken of the need to go to the peripheries, and at the beginning of the year, he will be doing just that by visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Pope Francis…

The Happiness of Finding Freedom

It is wonderful to see the happiness and freedom enjoyed by the many children that have recovered from the trauma of domestic sexual abuse. Freedom from fear and abuse is the result of the therapeutic…

A Persecuted Church

Faced with an escalation of repression, the Church continues to use its parishes and pulpits in defense of the oppressed. For this, it is paying a high price with continuous harassment of spiritual…

Safe Routes for Life’s Sake

Unless safe, legal migration routes are created, traffickers will continue to do what they want, and tragedies like the one in Chiapas, Mexico, will happen again, especially in developing and war-torn…

The Rise of Priestly Vocations in Southeast Asia

Change has come and the Church in Asia is gradually overcoming the shortage of priests. Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea are witnessing a flourishing in vocations and seminaries with a…

In Old Age, They Will Still Bear Fruit

Older people are making invaluable contributions to their community, family, and parish. The Church values the elderly’s apostolate and provides them with pastoral care and support.

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