Series: Artificial Intelligence Friend or Foe?

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Artificial Intelligence and Social Responsibility

Public trust must not be abused by AI-managing companies whose style of operation remain inaccessible to the users. Transparency is the first rule that must be made effective. Excessive intrusion into personal lives and instrumentalizing and monetizing personal behaviour must be prevented.


Women Can Vote in the Synod

Pope Francis’ move will compel dioceses and parishes to widen the participation of lay people, particularly women. The universal Church msut welcome the active participation of women.

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How AI and Algorithms are Changing our Lives

Behavioral scientist Gerd Gigerenzer looks at how AI and algorithms are shaping our future–and why it is important to remember they aren’t human. He thinks too many of us are now letting AI make the decisions for us. The alternative is start thinking, he says.

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Scientist Warns About the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

A leading artificial intelligence researcher, some call the “godfather” of AI, says the technology is developing at a “scary” rate and warns that it should not expand beyond our ability to control it. Geoffrey Hinton, a longtime researcher at Google and newly-retired at age 75, has added his voice to those saying that the potential dangers of the new technology deserve scrutiny.

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Should We Be Worried About AI?

As Facebook, Apple, and Google pour billions into AI development, there is a fledgling branch of academic ethical study that aims to study its moral consequences, contain the harm it might do, and push tech firms to integrate social goods like privacy and fairness into their business plans.


‘A Strategy of Peace’

The speech ‘A Strategy of Peace’, given by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963, defied the wicked notion that war is inevitable and that peacemaking is impractical. Peace is not a simple dream but rather a possibility, he said.

Journey Moments

Peace Be with You!

The source of true peace and joy is humbly accepting God’s constant and immeasurable mercy and extending His love to others. By loving everyone, we glorify God and find peace in our lives.


Christians in the Holy Land Face Extinction

As tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians rise, Christians are caught in the crossfires and face the targeted destruction of their own spaces and communities in the Holy Land by religious extremists.


Church in the Holy Land Will Not Be Intimidated

In the face of increasing attacks targeting Christian communities in the Holy Land, and amid ongoing political tensions, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem says the Church will not allow a few extremists to dictate its agenda and will continue to promote peace and reconciliation.

In Focus

The Joy of Love

Pope Francis has given an extraordinary gift to the Church: Amoris Laetitia, The Joy of Love. This document focuses on family and love. Francis draws heavily on the 2014 and 2015 worldwide Bishops’ Synods on the Family. He enriches the discussion with his own pastoral insights.

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