Series: Climate Change Poor Suffer the Most


Urgency on the climate crisis

Religious leaders, and believers in general, can play an important role in calling for bold action in the implementation of the Paris Agreement to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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Climate change hits poor people the hardest

Global warming is already producing destructive effects that disproportionately afflict poor people around the world, threatening their very lives. However, we must also keep in mind that, as the earth’s temperatures continue to rise, everyone in the world will eventually be threatened.

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Journey towards climate resiliency

Being one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, the Philippines signed the Paris Agreement and has been implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. But the country’s response will only work if it puts communities at the center by empowering them.

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The sinking Philippines

Constant flooding happening in major cities, like Davao and Manila, is due to sea level rising above average. The phenomenon intensifies storm surges resulting in more intense typhoons. Coastal areas bear the brunt of these adverse factors caused by climate change.


Saying no to war

While in the U.S. Army, the author of this piece realized that he was training to kill people, something that could not match up with his nonviolent principles. He, then, decided to appeal to the military authorities for discharge as a conscientious objector. After a certain process, he was finally granted the conscientious objector status.

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Reaping what she sowed

Having inherited the enthusiasm for farming from her late father, Cherrie Atilano has the welfare of farmers at heart. Social entrepreneur and recipient of several awards, her enterprise teaches farmers new rice-growing techniques, empowers women and educates children and youth on gardening.


Born to be a hero

A peace agreement in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), negotiated by the Catholic Church in 2016, is on the brink of total collapse. In this Central African country, “the worst place to be a woman” according to the U.N., Neema Namadamu never questioned her faith, and became a source of inspiration. This is her story.*

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Return to the origin

Since Saint Peter left Palestine for Rome, no pope had visited the land of Jesus. Popes had dispatched envoys, emissaries and even Crusader armies to it, but it was only Paul VI who decided, 1,900 years later, to go back to the Holy Land as a symbolic return to the origin of Christianity.

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The heart’s gaze

In the Gospel of Luke we have a narrative of two special encounters where the essence is in the heart’s gaze and in the inner desire to see the face of Jesus. To believe is to recover this ability, this gift of raising our eyes, of fixing our gaze on that of Jesus and of anchoring in Him our desire and our search for happiness.

Life's Essentials

Minimalist yet fulfilling lifestyle

Quality of life does not depend on how much material goods one possesses. It depends on understanding what is essential for living and letting go of the “buy-and-buy habit” of consumerism.

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