Series: Discernment Where is my Life Going?


From Ash Wednesday to Easter

Lent is more than a time for doing some charitable works, some penance, or mortification. Above all, it is a time to rediscover the truth of who we really are.

WM Special

20 Tidbits on Discernment from Pope Francis

In 2022, Pope Francis developed the theme of spiritual discernment during his Wednesday general audiences. Discernment is a demanding work of making sound judgments that require knowledge and faith. Here are excerpts from the catechesis series on discernment.

WM Special

The Examen

The examen is a way of praying that allows us to find and see God in our most ordinary, everyday experiences, making us stop, look back at our day, and listen to ourselves and to God Himself and what He has been telling us.


“I was a Stranger and You Gave me no Welcome”

Sadly, many wealthy nations continue to largely turn a blind eye to the desperate plight of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Pope Francis has condemned Europe’s treatment of migrants as “disgusting, sinful and criminal.”

Journey Moments

Disciples with a Heart

The call for discipleship is for everyone. Discipleship happens when we focus more on the kingdom of God and the work to be done, and less on our worthiness.

Filipino Focus

A Home for Children with Special Needs

The Servants of Charity in the Philippines have been providing a home to indigent and abandoned children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. The Guanella community in Quezon City is also a place for discovering, cultivating, harnessing, and enjoying their talents and skills.


Benedict XVI: “Lord, I Love You!”

“Signore, ti amo!” were the last comprehensible words Pope Benedict XVI said in Italian before dying on the morning of December 31, 2022. At his funeral mass, Pope Francis thanked his predecessor for the “knowledge and dedication” he bestowed on his papacy.

In Focus

Spreading Gospel Joy

Evangelii Gaudium (EG), The Joy of the Gospel [2013], Pope Francis’ first apostolic exhortation, is lengthy, reaching over 50,000 words. Here Francis is proposing a profound missionary renewal of the entire Church, desiring a truly vibrant evangelizing community, aflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Open Your Eyes to Human Suffering

Sensitivity to pain is a gift that we need to cultivate, and alertness to others’ needs is an enviable ability that brings blessings to both the benefactor and the beneficiary.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus

“Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise”

Jesus offered the gift of paradise to one of the thieves crucified with Him, the one who asked Him to be remembered when He would be in his Kingdom. Through this, Jesus revealed once again how God is merciful and forgiving.

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