Series: EDSA a People's Revolution


The Spirit of EDSA Today

As 36 years ago, people standing along EDSA garnered bravery and audacity to trigger a change in the course of events, this time around voters are called upon to elect competent servant-leaders.

WM Special

Martial Law: Not Golden Age

As Filipinos mark the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, there’s been an attempt to paint Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship as a golden age for the Philippines. However, numbers show a contraction of the gross domestic product and economic recession in the latter years.

WM Special

The Collapse of a Regime

The worsening economic and political situation, the Church’s resistance to dictatorship, the growing capacity of the underground and mass movements and the assassination of opposition Senator Benigno Aquino undermined the regime culminating in the ouster of Marcos in 1986.


Building God’s Kingdom In 2022

In this New Year, let us commit to building the kingdom of God–one human family with God as our loving Father, each person as our beloved brother or sister, and the earth, our common home, cherished as a mother.


Conversing With the Family

The invitation to experience synodality begins in our very own homes. Home and families are the preferential loci for exercising the art of mutual listening which is a requisite for the synodal process the Church is involved in at the moment.


Anafora, the Monastery of Encounter

Christians in Egypt are a diverse minority. It is not always possible to live like brothers, as differences easily lead to friction. However, the realities of encounter and fraternity are real and possible. The Anafora Monastery is a place that testifies to this.

Touching The Heart

Tender Love and Care

Count yourself blessed when you are able to care for the sick and the elderly. To be there for them in their time of most need is the best way you can reciprocate their love for you through the years.

In Focus

2021 Was an Annus Horribilis for Facebook

Criticism of Facebook increased in 2021. Frances Haugen, a former product manager at the company, revealed that Facebook has put “astronomical profits before people,” and people have been abused and tortured. Will Facebook take into consideration these issues?

Fratelli Tutti

Sowing Seeds of Peace

In writing the Encyclical Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis was inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, the Grand Imam Al-Tayyed, and many letters and documents from people all over the world. Through this encyclical the Holy Father has shown his openness to all.

In Ignatius' Steps

God’s Champions

The book of the Spiritual Exercises is a manual for Directors who guide people in the exciting discovery of their true selves in the light of God’s will as it emerges in prayer during a desert period in which they choose to be alone with God.

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