Series: Fratelli Tutti: A Vision to Heal the World


Vaccination, an Ethical Obligation

Pope Francis is calling on everyone to be vaccinated. The pope called the vaccine a life-saving instrument, and therefore, an ethical obligation. The refusal to be inoculated is suicidal.

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Vision to Heal a Broken World

Pope Francis sets out a vision for a new kind of politics in an encyclical that tackles a rising tide of “myopic” nationalism and moves the Church a step closer to a complete rejection of war.

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Relationship Leads to Peace

Three themes in Fratelli Tutti–fraternitas, building bridges, and peacemaking–indicate the influence of St. Francis of Assisi in the latest encyclical of Pope Francis.

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Pope Questions ‘Just War’ Doctrine

Pope Francis’ new encyclical spends only six paragraphs on the Church’s doctrine on ‘just war,’ but Fratelli Tutti might have upended the entire teaching on the subject.


For a “Grammar” of Care

This is the right time to unleash the Catholic Church’s “secret weapon.” A nonviolent weapon with tremendous power to neutralize evil forces, the Catholic Social Teaching is a priceless tool to help build the culture of care of creation and one another.

Unity in Diversity

The Year of Creative Economy

The use of the internet for work and for online learning has tremendously increased and facilitated working together since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Nevertheless, real communication such as building bridges is yet to be achieved. Thus, the necessity to work for it in a creative way.


This is Why Pope Francis Will Go To Iraq

A historical and contextual background to understand Pope Francis’ scheduled Apostolic Journey to Iraq in March 2021.


Iraqi Christians Could Face Extinction

Without immediate action from the international community, Christians in northern Iraq could be endangered with extinction, warns a new report from the pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need.

In Focus

Remember You are Dust…

Smudging ash on a person’s forehead reminds us that humans are simply mortals. This ritual is performed on Ash Wednesday to signify the need for repentance at the beginning of the Lenten season.


The Start of Evangelization

Although the Christian faith arrived in the Philippines in 1521, an organized program of evangelizations only began in 1565 with the Augustinians accompanying Legazpi’s expedition. They were followed by Franciscans (1578), Jesuits (1581), Dominicans (1587), and Augustinian Recollects (1606).

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