Series: Pleasure of Readings


Fighting for Freedom

I dare to suggest that the way ahead to peace and stability in the territory lies in the dialogue between the government and protesters in an effort to reach a consensus.

WM Special

Reading as Therapy

In our life, imagination has a great place. The therapeutic value of fantasy is invaluable. In this article, the experience of a reader addicted to fiction becomes a parable of discovery, purification and wholeness.

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Reading Habits of Filipinos

It is encouraging to see crowds drawn to book fairs but it is hard to categorically say that Filipinos read. To develop reading habits entails free access to books, a positive attitude to reading books, and viewing reading as a pleasurable activity.

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Why You Should Read Every Day

If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out. Reading has a significant number of benefits, and here are ten of them to get you to start reading.

Young Heart

The World Needs Fathers

Fathers have a vital role in the formation of their children’s personality. The challenge for dads is to inculcate Christian values in their sons and daughters, particularly by their example.

Care of the Earth

Climate Justice is Needed to Save the Planet

To stop the gallop to self-harm and destruction of the planet and our environment, there needs to be a huge change in lifestyle among humans. Citizens are to demand governments to give climate justice to those hurt by the environmental damage caused by wealthy nations.

Filipino Focus

Her Passion to Communicate Science

“Science journalism needs greater push in the Philippines,” says Angelica Y. Yang, who won an award for her research on the quality of science journalism in the country.


Grief? Belief!

Though the valleys may be dark, Jesus sheds a light on the righteous path to spark the way to truth and life. As time heals wounds, the eternal love of Christ will kiss away your fears. Fear not! As the Lord has said, the Savior has come.


Happy are the Peacemakers

Peace is a gift from God, and in order to attain it we must recognize our roles as children of God, seek His presence in our lives and in the lives of others, and choose the path of non-violence and true justice.

Winds of the Spirit

School of Love

To make husband and wife spend a weekend looking at each other and at their love together with other couples is the simple yet brilliant idea of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement.

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