Series: We need each other


Three Concerns For 2022

The migrants are looking for a livelihood which their home countries cannot offer. Now, they are living in tents hoping that their dreams of a dignified life will come through.

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Politics As An Act Of Love And Courage

In his latest Encyclical Letter, Pope Francis challenges us all to reclaim the nobility of the political act: to take responsibility as members of one human family for the well-being of all.

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Social Friendship Requires A New Lifestyle

Social friendship is possible through a courageous and persistent dialogue, open to the truth, between generations which leads to a culture of encounter.

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Economy With A Human Face

We agree that the economy has its importance. However, economic success cannot become the ultimate goal in human affairs. When people are evaluated only in market terms, they become mere objects. The economy, on the contrary, must have a human face.

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We Belong Together

In a divided world, we need an inclusive outlook more than ever. Only a sense of togetherness can heal our many conflicts and divisions. To achieve true peace, we must realize that we need each other.


We Owe it to Them

The world, and especially those nations that waged war in Afghanistan, cannot largely ignore the life and death emergency facing the long-suffering Afghan people. These are our brothers and sisters crying for our help.


Women And Climate Crisis

It has been proven time and again how climate impacts women more disproportionately than men. They are more vulnerable. Whether it be lack of education, displacement, food insecurity, and lack of economic access, women always face a greater challenge.


Why Converse?

As the Church prepares herself for the 2023 Synod on Synodality, we, as members, are invited to a journey of listening and discerning together. It is also a journey of conversation which enables us to assess our faith, to learn from each other and to support one another.

Touching The Heart

The Day I Gained Back My Faith In Humanity

In these trying times of the pandemic, every day that we have is already more than enough reason to be thankful for. If we feel we are about to be sidetracked or derailed, remember to always count the blessings and miracles that we have in life.

In Focus

Catholic Leaders Have To Be Defenders Of Children

The institutional Church has spectacularly failed to care, protect, support, and compensate the innocent vulnerable children for heinous crimes against them. Shame and anger at child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church should lead to eradicating abuse everywhere.

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