Series: Mary Among Asian Religions


Violence Begets Violence

As of this writing, the war of Israel against Hamas in the Gaza territory is raging and having a devastating impact on the population. Israel is at war against the militant group Hamas for its attack on the country killing 1,400 people and taking more than 200 hostages.

WM Special

Motherhood versus Origin

Numerous non-Christians in Asian religions venerate Mary. In Singapore, Taoist devotees see Mary as an example of how cultivating oneself leads to a higher state of being and a divinization of the self.

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Mary and Female Deities of East Asia

Catholics venerated female deities associated with Buddhism and with Chinese popular religion in different contexts as one way to express their Marian devotions.

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The Asian Faces of Mary

Non-Christians venerate Mary in Asia. Mary stands as an interreligious bridge that belongs to everyone. She is the most universal religious figure on the continent.

Journey Moments

Yes, Lord!

Mary and Joseph’s deep love and faith to the Father led them to say “Yes” to His command. May their complete obedience to God inspire us to also say “Yes” to His plans for us.


Justice, not violence, will end Israel-Hamas war

Israel continues to brutally and immorally attack and kill innocent Palestinians, especially in Gaza. Hamas also attacked Israel, killing many innocent Israelis. This is a vicious cycle that can only be broken with justice and peace.


In 2023 Persecution of Christians Remains Strong

The acts of persecution in Latin America are surprising, considering this is a Christian part of the world. This is because the Church’s influence threatens regimes that hope to be all-powerful.

In Focus

Concluding Our Joyful Journey

We have been sharing a fruitful pilgrimage with Pope Francis throughout 2023. Our voyage has been profoundly enriching, enabling us to appreciate the mind and heart of Papa Francisco. Six pivotal themes have surfaced during our rewarding year-long journey.


From Exchange of Goods to Sharing of Ideas

Even in our more globalized world, extreme individualism and nationalism have divided and worsened conflicts. To achieve peace, we must learn to be more open to other ideas and let ideals dialogue.

Inside The Holy Book

The Emergence of the Hereafter

The belief in a life after death is not present in much of the Old Testament. Eventually, the celebration of the joy of being alive continues in the faith of the resurrection of the body.

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