Series: To Us A Child Is Born


A More Hopeful Christmas

The rays of beauty, faith and joy emanating from the modest crib of Bethlehem shine forth to the whole world. May they rekindle a sense of hope to our humanity.

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The Simplicity Of Christmas

Like the crib, the whole mystery of Christmas–Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem–is extremely simple, and because of this, it is accompanied by poverty and joy, and therefore not difficult to understand by those who have the eye of faith.

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Holy Land In Jesus’ Time

We tend to misinterpret Jesus and His message because we have only a scant knowledge of the social and political environment of Palestine at that time. Let us have a look at the social reality at the time of Jesus; as this may help us to understand His words better.


Pope Francis At His Prophetic Best!

In his video message for the Fourth World Meeting of Popular Movements, the Holy Father insisted on the necessity to change the “structures of sin” present in our society. “Personal change is necessary but it is also indispensable to adjust our socio-economic models,” he added.

Unity in Diversity

International Interdependence

In tackling the COVID-19 crisis as a global community and international family, one area of cooperation is fighting fake news about the pandemic and encouraging netizens to get their information from credible sources.


From Midwife To Comboni Missionary Sister

Though the Comboni Missionary Sisters are not present in the Philippines, one of their Sisters is from the Philippines, Sr. Anita Concepcion. In this article Sr. Anita, the only Filipina Comboni missionary sister, shares some significant moments of her vocation.


Comboni Nuns In Sri Lanka

Newly-arrived in Sri Lanka, where Catholics represent around 6% of the total population, the Comboni Sisters have taken up the commitment of education. Besides, the missionary nuns are sensitive to the plight of women who are exploited in the tea industry.

In Focus

Filipino Christmas Traditions

Church bells chime with one of the traditional Christmas songs signaling the special birthday of the Infant Jesus. “Silent night, holy night! All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child, Holy Infant so tender and mild. Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Christ the Savior is born.”


The ‘Pope Of Mercy’ Visits Us

Pope Francis visited the Philippines in January 2015. He expressed his empathy with those who suffered the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda, addressing to them a message of mercy and compassion. The Pope highlighted the need for solidarity with the poor.


Deliver Us From Evil

The last petition of the Lord’s Prayer makes us aware of the presence of Evil in the world. This awareness leads us to ask God to grant us the grace to persevere in doing only His good will.

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